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Heros Technology

HEROS Technology


The Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence.
Berkeley University of California


Tesla Memorial Society of New York


WinDipoles real time RF Filter emulator and Schematic Capture.

WinDipoles is a free real time passive filter simulator application developed under Microsoft Visual Studio. NET.

Enables design, analysis, optimizations and graphic plots in real time.

While component values are changing graphic plot windows are updated.

Several filter graphic plots can be shown overlapped for comparison purposes.

Executable file, doesn't need to be installed.

Runs under Windows Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10 (32/64 bits) OS.

Download WinDipoles
Last update 4.8.5 (22 March 202)



Whiteboard Web

SDR for Dummies

By Mikael Q Kuisma


DDUtil - K5FR





High Definition Software Define Radio





Helpful mathematics

  Radio frequency to wavelength and vice versa  




RSGB Headquarters


Free Foxit Reader




ARRL Headquarters

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