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VNA page

My implementation of N2PK Vector Network Analyzer project

60kHz to 60MHz Vector Network Analyzer. Laboratory quality



VNA assembly.

Assembling the VNA
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USB adaptor/Power converter for VNA. (for boards version4XX)
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Assembling the measurement bridge
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USB assembly

Assembling the USB adaptor/Power converter.
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State of the Art Passive Radio Preselector for MW band. Digital tunable

  MW band Preselector page.   Project detail  


160m to 6m high perfomance down conversion HF receiver project


  Receiver Overview Diagram.  

  Receiver Front End subsystem comprising:

Band Pass Filters box unit
Attenuator board
12 band pass filter boards
IF notch board
BPF I2C controller board

Front End box unit
H - Mode Mixer
9MHz Diplexer
SSB/CW Roofing Crystal Filters
Mixer I2C control

Local Oscillator

  Receiver Back End subsystem comprising:

IF Selectivity Board box unit
IF Crystal Filters

IF Variable Gain Board box unit
Signal Path
Control Path
Closing the Loop
Set-point Reference

IF Detector Board box unit
Noise Filters
Quadrature Sampling Detector

Audio amplifier box unit

Power Supply
Rectifier board
Switcher box module

Averall Control Logic



Front End page.

  USB-I2C bus control for Front End project.

  Fractal antenna   Fractal antenna experiment

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