My implementation of N2PK Vector Network Analyzer

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60kHz to 60MHz. laboratory quality Vector Network Analyzer


Since I introduced on the web site my implementation of N2PK Vector Network Analyzer project I received several inquires about the possibility of supplying it.

After evaluation, I am offering to Radio Amateurs either assembling and testing service of the VNA PCB boards or ready to use boxed version including OSL calibration kit, Measurement bridge and Deluxe Wooden Accessories Box.

The VNA boxed version set includes:

- A VNA completely assembled, boxed and tested, ready to use.

- BNC, N, SMA, connector options.(BNC standard)

- Assembled measurement bridge.

- 0-71dB variable step attenuator, ladder configuration, 1dB resolution.

- Deluxe wooden accessories box. Including set of OSL calibration standards, coaxial test cables and connector adapters.

- High speed USB cable.

- Builder technical information in CD-ROM.

The Vector Network Analyzer is made to order. For details, please contact me.


I chose the N2PK VNA project for laboratory and antenna measurements due to its superior design, reliability and no less important the excellent support by the author Paul Kiciak N2PK, gives to builders and users through his forum: https://groups.io/g/N2PK-VNA/topics

You can find a set of comprehensive documentation about N2PK VNA on his web site at http://n2pk.com

Since the project published several years ago, hundreds of N2PK VNA have been built around the world for amateur and professional use, giving testimony of its excellent performances.

It is not only a VNA but also a “Lab in a box” that can perform others functions since it incorporates dual DDS generators and dual detectors. It is able to execute functions as RF generator, Sweep generator, Power detector, Vector voltmeter, IP3 measurements, Antenna Analyzer and many more.

Rudy Severns N6LF perform comparisons measurements of several VNA using different loads and an HP3577A VNA as a reference.


N2PK Vector network analyzer comparison.
by Rudy Severns N6LF

The Hardware. VNA core board.

In order to build the N2PK VNA I use the dual detector PCB, current version 5xx, from Ivan Makarov VE3IVM, designed under supervision of the author.

All information about the board can be found at https://www.makarov.ca/vna.htm

To keep the published performance all parts used in the assembly comply with the author specifications.

All assembled boards are subject to a 24 hours burn test. Graphic test plots of the burn test are supplied together documentation



- Frequency range: 60kHz to 60MHz

- Dynamic range: 120dB

- Number of detectors: 2

- Detector ports input impedance: 50 Ohm

- Detector ports Return Loss: 30 dB

- Detector ports input power: +10dBm

- Detector ports ADC resolution: 24 bit

- RF DDS port max output power +4 dBm over 50 Ohm

- Detector Resolution Bandwidth: Selectable from 7Hz to 3.4kHz

- Master Oscillator: Connor- Winfield 156.250MHz or equivalent.

- Features: VNA, Dual RF signal, Sweep generator, Vector Voltmeter, Power   Detector.

- PC interface: High speed USB v2.0

- Power Supply:Dedicated external 12V /500mA min.

- Aluminium enclosure: Hammond model 1455T1601

- Size: 163mmx160mmx51.5mm.(6.417x6.29x2.028in)


Main dual detector board
Main board current version 5xx.

Assembling the VNA page
(click on picture to link)



The Software application "My VNA" by Dave Roberts G8KBB



My VNA license My VNA User manual
My VNA terms and conditions.
End-user license agreement for myVNA.
by Dave Roberts G8KBB.
MyVNA User Manual (v1.0.5)
by Dave Roberts G8KBB.


"My VNA" Graphic User Interface snapshot
(click on picture to enlarge)


"My VNA" Software application features

myVNA offers the following:

 Reflection, Transmission or Dual detector scans
 S Parameter measurements with 5,6,10 or 12 term correction
 Automated Crystal Equivalent Circuit measurement
 Full transverter support
 Ability to load & store traces in multiple file formats
 Full set of display modes including Smith Charts and Polar displays
 Signal and sweep generator mode
 Integrated support for parallel and USB connection
 Runs under W98, ME, W2000, XP, Vista, Windows 7 & 8
 Basic, CDS, Harmonic Suppression and 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 harmonic modes
 Manual and automatic tracking markers with marker arithmetic
 Scans of up to 50,000 points per scan
 Averaging of trace sequences or averaging up to 10,000 readings per point
 Print & Windows clipboard copy support
 Switch and attenuator functions with manual or automated switching for S
parameter test set.
 Test mode for I/O lines in parallel or USB mode
 RF IV & Reference Modes
 Logarithmic or linear scans and displays
 Drag & drop file import
 Network Client / Server for remote operation
 Vector Voltmeter (VVM)
 On screen cursors may be displayed in rectangular displays
 Arbitrary equation editor allows user defined functions to be created
 Basic network simulation
 TDR mode
 An Automation (OLE) interface
 A “custom” hardware interface for control of other VNA hardware


Boxed standard BNC version


Front view. BNC connectors with protective anti-dust caps (included)
BNC, N or SMA connectors option available. Standard is BNC type.

Measurement bridge plugged

Black enclosure version

Measurement bridge (included)

BNC, N or SMA connectors option available. Standard is BNC type.
Assembled in tin plate enclosure providing more efficiency Faraday  
screening to electric and magnetic fields.
Original Mini-Circuits transformer coupling circuit covering the range of the instrument.
Connectors plug let to connect directly to the VNA front ports.
Range 60kHz to 60MHz.
Size: 11x3.8x2.8cm.(4.3x1.49x1.10in)

The Deluxe Wooden Accessories Box (included)

Including OSL terminations standard, assorted BNC adaptors, no short-circuited metallic dust caps and RG 223 double Silver Plated Copper Braid Shields BNC-BNC coaxial leads.
High speed USB2.0 cable included.

  VNA open VNA rear view  

Step Attenuator. 0dB-71dB, 1dB resolution. Ladder configuration.


Based on Minicircuits PAT+ series, wideband DC to 7GHz fixed ceramic attenuator cells, gives a precise reference of signal levels and improves matching between circuits.
Features 0dB to 71dB in 1 dB step through eight high quality low stray capacitance STS, sub miniature Toggle Switches, to switchover 1dB-2dB-3dB-5dB-10-dB-10dB-20dB-20dB.
Power Rating: 1Watt
Impedance: 50 Ohm.
Connectors: BNC standard. SMA or N connectors option available.
External Dimensions: (H,W,D): 30x37x148mm (1.18x1.45x5.82in)

- Attenuation cells: Minicircuits PAT series (DC-7GHz)
- Power rating: 1-Watt (30dBm) max NO DC IN CIRCUIT.
- Impedance: 50 Ohms
- Bandwidth: DC-1GHz.
- Connectors: standard: BNC, optional: N, SMA
- External dimensions: 148mmx37mmx30mm(5.827x1.457x1.181in)

Step Attenuator response plot.
(click on picture to enlarge)



Some snapshots using "My VNA" program software.
(click on picture to enlarge)

CW filter plot

9MHz CW Xtal roofing filter
Transmission-Return loss

BPF plot

160m, 80m, 40m BPF
Transmission mode

10.7 MHz crystal BPF response.


3KHz-9KHz plot

Working on Very Low Frequencies.
3kHz-9kHz band pass filter plot

3KHz plot

Working on Very Low Frequencies.
3kHz band pass filter plot.


50KHz-100KHz plot

Working on Low Frequencies.
50kHz-100kHz band pass filter plot.


VSWR_RL plot

Diamond W-8010 80m/40m/20m/15m/10m
Trap Dipole Antenna plot.
VSWR-Return Loss (Reflection mode)
(Snapshot on Windows Vista OS)

VSWR plot

(Reflection mode)
(Snapshot on Windows Vista OS)

BCB filter plot

BroadCast Band (BCB) Rejection Filter
(Transmission mode)


Some examples of customize versions


N connectors


SMA connectors


N connectors bidge


SMA connectors bridge

  Measurement bridge embeded for antenna measurements
(board v4XX)

With USB adaptor/Power converter
(board v4XX)


Optional Accessories

  General purpose measurement bridge.

The Mini-Z Bridge is a general purpose measurement bridge designed to be allocated in the enclosure near the main board with shorten connections.
As general purpose bridge it can be use together with other measurement instruments up to 100MHz usable up to 150MHz.

- Impedance: 50
- Range: 50kHz to 100MHz (usable up to 150MHz)
- Directivity: Better than 50dB@50MHz; 40dB@100MHz
- Connector options: SMA or BNC
- Size: SMA 55mmx37mmx20mm (2.165 x 1.457x 0.787 in); BNC 55mmx37mmx20mm (2.16 x 1.45x 1.18 in)

Mini Z bridge data Mini Z bridge data sheet.


  The Vector Network Analyzer is made to order. For details, please contact me.


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